Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well after many months of just living life, with really no change... We now have change! Dane got offered an internship for Lands End Clothing Company, in the Global Sourcing division (at least thats what I think it's called). The only bad part is that it is 1,300 miles away from home. We are going to be moving to a small town called dodgeville, with 4,000 people. Oh WAIT no, there is now 4,002 People living there! Haha. We are both excited, and a little nervous. I'm really nervous! I haven't been away from my family for more than three weeks in my entire life I don't think. It is going to be a fun new adventure in our lives. The good news is that we will be just a few short hours from a lot of fun different places. Including only 45 minutes from the worlds waterpark capitol, not sure the name though. Dane and I arrived in Dodgeville this last tuesday evening after spending one night in Iowa, and 23 hours in a uhaul, pulling the little truck. That was a long road trip. tuesday night after we unloaded all of our belongings into a storage unit ( in 90 degree weather and who knows the humidity, it was HOT) we decided to check into our cute, little, convenient, VERY best western. The next day was spent running around, taking the little truck to a mechanic to get the altenator replace, Renting the only rental car in the city of dodgeville, looking at three paces to live, seeing the lands end campus, signing our storage unit agreements,  eating lunch and stopping for some icecream. We then made our way to Madison to fly home. our flight was delayed, and we thought we would have to spent the night in denver. but to our surprise it was a blizzard in denver and all the planes were delayed. So we finally made it home at four in the morning. We were so tired. Thats about all from our adventures to dodgeville. This next week we finally leave to the Cayman Islands with my family! We are so excited! Well thats all I have to say for now!