Monday, January 9, 2012

And then there were three!!

Logan David Ehler is here! He was born on December 28,2011 at 9:54, at 6lb 8oz, 19 inches long. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy! He came three weeks early, due to Catherine having really high blood pressure. Two weeks before Logan arrived, Catherine's blood pressure was really high at the doctors office. So she sent us over to labor and delivery to have it checked out. Well of course when we got there, it was already down, so after a few hours, and some lab work they sent us home. The next week appointment, same thing happened so they sent us back over to labor and delivery. I bet you can guess what happened, it went down. My doctor wanted to see me three days later (which ended up being Logan's birthday) We made the appointment for 9:30 in the morning. She also wanted me to get a blood pressure cuff and take over the Christmas break. Well I forgot the first two day, with it being Christmas eve and day in all. The 26th it went high, but then went back down. on the 27th I woke up and before I got out of bed it was already 144 over 90. So of course I called the doctors office like they said to if it got over 140 over 90. Well Tuesday my doctor isn't in the office, so directed me to the payson office, where the on call doctor was. well after telling a million people why I was calling (I HATE those stupid new doctor office things where you have to talk to 50 people before you get the one person you want to call) I finally got some girl, she asked what was wrong so I told her, my blood pressure was high, blah blah blah... well she didn't ask me how high it was. All she said was, well your doctor isn't in today (which I had already told here I knew) and that she would put in a "urgent" message for her to call me back in the morning. I was pretty upset (since I was told to call if it got that high) and told her I had an appointment first thing in the morning, so that wouldn't do much good. Her reply was, well I'll put it in and if the on call doctor's nurse thinks its important that you will hear back from her today. That really made me mad, but there wasn't much more I could do. So later that day mom and I had all these plans, but we opted out of those and went and rented a red box movie. We lounged around all day, and I worked on trying to finish Logan's blanket. I periodically would take my blood pressure and write it down. About four O'clock I noticed it going back up. By 5:50 is was up to 175 over 105. We decided to call the doctor back, even though we thought the office was closed. Turns out on Tuesday there is another on call doctor, that works a night clinic. This time they actually asked me how high it was, and I let them know all about my call in the morning. They frantically tried to get a hold of my doctor, and the doctor that I should have talked to in the morning, but they had no luck, so the "night" doctor told me that I needed to go to the hospital right away. Dane was off at six, so as soon as he walked in the door we left. We were kind of relieved when it was still high when we got there (that way we really didn't seem crazy). They drew blood for labs and put me on the monitor. Then in walked my doctor, she had been down stairs doing a c-section. She said that they were going to put my on a 24 hour watch for sure. But if my labs came back bad then they would induce me. We were really surprised, but really wanting that to happen! The labs came back and the preeclampsia