Saturday, March 3, 2012

A little bit of everything!

  Carly and I at my baby shower! It was sooo much fun! Logan is one spoiled little boy!!!
 Loved the cake balls Hailey made!

 My mom and I made so much yummy food! My mom did such a wonderful job, she is wonderful!

 I was having fun making faces at the camera!
 Logan finally is here! this was taken the day he way born. I love this little boy so much!
 Grandma can't get enough of the little munchkin. We were blessed to be able to spend the first few weeks of Logan's life in Utah. We were able to spend so much time with family and friends!

 Michelle and Spencer and their kids came to visit! we went to olive garden, then they stayed and hung out for a couple hours!
 uncle Matt!
 Logan already thinks that he needs a cell phone! haha not for a couple years son!
 We have such good friends, Blake and Hailey came to see us off the night before we flew to Arkansas!
 So did Katie, we miss her! And all of our family so much!

 This is part of the new kitchen!
 We got the builder to buy us a fridge!
 Logan loves the bean bag! I can't believe how fast he changes! He is smiling a lot now, and is on the verge of laughing! I am so excited for that! He still wakes up twice in the night, wish he slept the entire night! Oh well one day it might happen. Logan is such an observant little boy. He watches Dane and I went we walk around the room. He loves to kick, and wave his arm all around the place! He is such a joy to us!
 We still can't tell what his hair is going to do. I still hope for blond hair. The doctor said that his eyes will be a dark blue! I have always wanted a blue eyed baby! but I would have taken anything!  Oh and don't worry I always have socks on my son, I was just clipping his toe nails. He was being so cute that I had to take his picture before I put them back on! I hate when babies don't have socks on and it's freezing outside!!
 This is our nice BIG walk-in closet! Its wonderful! We have a nice big tub, for my mom to use when she comes (I'm not a bath person). I love the two sinks, there is a lot of room for all my bathroom crap.
 This is the master bedroom, We love the trey ceiling!
 Here is the hall bathroom!
 Logans room, still trying to figure out what to do with it! Still no crib for him, he's still in the pack in play in our room!
 This is the guest bedroom/ Danes p90x/workout room!
 The doorway
 We have a nice gas fireplace, we are going to try and roast marshmallows on it sometime since their isn't glass in front of it!
 Logan on his bean bag!
 living room, looking into the kitchen.
 Oh did I mention how much I love this little boy!!!
 Daddy and logan, after work! Love my boys! Love my life, we are enjoying Arkansas! We have met a few new friends. The ward is HUGE and FULL of kids!! wow there are a lot of kids! Everyone is there like a half hour early just to get a seat, can you guess where we have been sitting!? That's right, right in the back haha! We are going to leave an hour early tomorrow, haha JK! But really, maybe.We still miss our families, and friends back home though! We are so excited that my mom, dad and Nate are coming out next month! And we can't wait for others hopefully to come out!