Monday, March 17, 2014

Our recent adventures.

Seeing as how my last blog update was two years ago... I decided it was time to update.
Logan is now two. He is full of energy! He love to talk! It's hard to get him to be quiet during church. But that's alright, we have a very loud ward. Logan is in the 98 percentile for everything. He is such a big kid! We have a hard time getting him to eat. If he will sit still long enough to get a few bites in,we are happy. He love cars, truck especially and has to point out any large truck he sees while we are in the car!

We are still in Arkansas, and love it! We miss Utah, our family and friends there. Mostly we hate that we are missing everyone growing up, and The ones we loves missing Logan's milestones. But this is the right place for us right now. We are grateful for face time. We have many wonderful friends here! We also feel the love from our ward family. I love the church outside of Utah (and in Utah). But out here we get to see a little more unity. More of us are transplants and rely on each other to be our substitute family.

We were able to go up to the temple this weekend. We went with some friends, and also went to the Kansas City zoo. I hate that we don't get to the temple as often as we would like. But 3&1/2 hours is a long drive. We are grateful to go when we can.

Dane is still liking his job. He got a promotion a while back. He is such a hard worker and is impressing his bosses. They say the have great things planned for him. I'm glad he is keeping busy, he needs that.

We are excited to be adding a new member to the family! 80% a girl! We should find out tomorrow for sure. This pregnancy started off just like Logan's. I knew I was pregnant because I started getting sick. I was hoping this time around I wouldn't get so sick. But that wasn't in the plans I guess. I'm a little over 20 weeks now. I'm still on constant medicine for my morning sickness. But now that's not really a concern. Valentines weekend we went out for dinner. I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. That lasted a week or so until I had my 16 week appointment. I told my obgyn, he sent me over to the hospital to have an ultra sound. He called layer on in the week telling me I needed to see a surgeon. The bile duct in my gallbladder  was inflamed. I saw the surgeon, he did some blood tests, everything is okay there. He was debating in whether to take my gallbladder out. Durning the second trimester it is safe enough for them to do so. But because I'm pregnant, they can't do any of the tests to confirm whether it' will 100% fix my pain. I tried some medicine for a week, it didn't seem to help. My surgeon takes with another doctor about my case, it seems they both agree that I have a rare disorder called spinchture of oddi disorder. Unfortunately the tests I need to have, I can't do because I'm pregnant. So for now we have decided to try some other medicine, to help with the pain. Since I'm gaining the weight I had lost back,  the plan is to try and control the pain the rest of my pregnancy. I'm grateful for my doctors that are working together, and have the baby and I in their best interest. So for now I'm on an extremely low fat diet.  We will do the tests after I have the baby. Depending on the results they may send me up to Kansas City to be treated. There are some doctors that have been doing research on the disorder up there.

We are surviving though! Our wonderful friends have been taking such good care of us. Dane is such an amazing husband and father. He is always trying to help me eat better and comfort me when my pain is really bad. I'm so grateful that he honors his priesthood. Priesthood blessings are amazing.

Well that's all for now!