Monday, March 17, 2014

Our recent adventures.

Seeing as how my last blog update was two years ago... I decided it was time to update.
Logan is now two. He is full of energy! He love to talk! It's hard to get him to be quiet during church. But that's alright, we have a very loud ward. Logan is in the 98 percentile for everything. He is such a big kid! We have a hard time getting him to eat. If he will sit still long enough to get a few bites in,we are happy. He love cars, truck especially and has to point out any large truck he sees while we are in the car!

We are still in Arkansas, and love it! We miss Utah, our family and friends there. Mostly we hate that we are missing everyone growing up, and The ones we loves missing Logan's milestones. But this is the right place for us right now. We are grateful for face time. We have many wonderful friends here! We also feel the love from our ward family. I love the church outside of Utah (and in Utah). But out here we get to see a little more unity. More of us are transplants and rely on each other to be our substitute family.

We were able to go up to the temple this weekend. We went with some friends, and also went to the Kansas City zoo. I hate that we don't get to the temple as often as we would like. But 3&1/2 hours is a long drive. We are grateful to go when we can.

Dane is still liking his job. He got a promotion a while back. He is such a hard worker and is impressing his bosses. They say the have great things planned for him. I'm glad he is keeping busy, he needs that.

We are excited to be adding a new member to the family! 80% a girl! We should find out tomorrow for sure. This pregnancy started off just like Logan's. I knew I was pregnant because I started getting sick. I was hoping this time around I wouldn't get so sick. But that wasn't in the plans I guess. I'm a little over 20 weeks now. I'm still on constant medicine for my morning sickness. But now that's not really a concern. Valentines weekend we went out for dinner. I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. That lasted a week or so until I had my 16 week appointment. I told my obgyn, he sent me over to the hospital to have an ultra sound. He called layer on in the week telling me I needed to see a surgeon. The bile duct in my gallbladder  was inflamed. I saw the surgeon, he did some blood tests, everything is okay there. He was debating in whether to take my gallbladder out. Durning the second trimester it is safe enough for them to do so. But because I'm pregnant, they can't do any of the tests to confirm whether it' will 100% fix my pain. I tried some medicine for a week, it didn't seem to help. My surgeon takes with another doctor about my case, it seems they both agree that I have a rare disorder called spinchture of oddi disorder. Unfortunately the tests I need to have, I can't do because I'm pregnant. So for now we have decided to try some other medicine, to help with the pain. Since I'm gaining the weight I had lost back,  the plan is to try and control the pain the rest of my pregnancy. I'm grateful for my doctors that are working together, and have the baby and I in their best interest. So for now I'm on an extremely low fat diet.  We will do the tests after I have the baby. Depending on the results they may send me up to Kansas City to be treated. There are some doctors that have been doing research on the disorder up there.

We are surviving though! Our wonderful friends have been taking such good care of us. Dane is such an amazing husband and father. He is always trying to help me eat better and comfort me when my pain is really bad. I'm so grateful that he honors his priesthood. Priesthood blessings are amazing.

Well that's all for now!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A little bit of everything!

  Carly and I at my baby shower! It was sooo much fun! Logan is one spoiled little boy!!!
 Loved the cake balls Hailey made!

 My mom and I made so much yummy food! My mom did such a wonderful job, she is wonderful!

 I was having fun making faces at the camera!
 Logan finally is here! this was taken the day he way born. I love this little boy so much!
 Grandma can't get enough of the little munchkin. We were blessed to be able to spend the first few weeks of Logan's life in Utah. We were able to spend so much time with family and friends!

 Michelle and Spencer and their kids came to visit! we went to olive garden, then they stayed and hung out for a couple hours!
 uncle Matt!
 Logan already thinks that he needs a cell phone! haha not for a couple years son!
 We have such good friends, Blake and Hailey came to see us off the night before we flew to Arkansas!
 So did Katie, we miss her! And all of our family so much!

 This is part of the new kitchen!
 We got the builder to buy us a fridge!
 Logan loves the bean bag! I can't believe how fast he changes! He is smiling a lot now, and is on the verge of laughing! I am so excited for that! He still wakes up twice in the night, wish he slept the entire night! Oh well one day it might happen. Logan is such an observant little boy. He watches Dane and I went we walk around the room. He loves to kick, and wave his arm all around the place! He is such a joy to us!
 We still can't tell what his hair is going to do. I still hope for blond hair. The doctor said that his eyes will be a dark blue! I have always wanted a blue eyed baby! but I would have taken anything!  Oh and don't worry I always have socks on my son, I was just clipping his toe nails. He was being so cute that I had to take his picture before I put them back on! I hate when babies don't have socks on and it's freezing outside!!
 This is our nice BIG walk-in closet! Its wonderful! We have a nice big tub, for my mom to use when she comes (I'm not a bath person). I love the two sinks, there is a lot of room for all my bathroom crap.
 This is the master bedroom, We love the trey ceiling!
 Here is the hall bathroom!
 Logans room, still trying to figure out what to do with it! Still no crib for him, he's still in the pack in play in our room!
 This is the guest bedroom/ Danes p90x/workout room!
 The doorway
 We have a nice gas fireplace, we are going to try and roast marshmallows on it sometime since their isn't glass in front of it!
 Logan on his bean bag!
 living room, looking into the kitchen.
 Oh did I mention how much I love this little boy!!!
 Daddy and logan, after work! Love my boys! Love my life, we are enjoying Arkansas! We have met a few new friends. The ward is HUGE and FULL of kids!! wow there are a lot of kids! Everyone is there like a half hour early just to get a seat, can you guess where we have been sitting!? That's right, right in the back haha! We are going to leave an hour early tomorrow, haha JK! But really, maybe.We still miss our families, and friends back home though! We are so excited that my mom, dad and Nate are coming out next month! And we can't wait for others hopefully to come out!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Well we made it to Arkansas! Dane started his new job at Walmart, working in product development! He likes it so far. Everything is very new with the department, so he is excited to start the real work and not be in meetings. I am at home right now, I will probably start looking for a part time job soon. Did I mention we bought a house! or at least we are in the process of buying a hose! But we moved in! It was finished last October, so it is brand new! There is three bedrooms, and two baths. We have a cute deck off of the kitchen, and a great size back yard! The neighborhood is very nice, and clean. There are a few members within walking distance. We have met a few new people, One couple invited us over to dinner last sunday. They are a fun little family. We hope to meet a lot more people soon! But so far we like it here. Logan is doing great, he is so sweet. But boy do you know when he wants his bottle or attention! He is a great baby though, and has done wonderfully to let me unpack the house! Ill post pictures soon!

Monday, January 9, 2012

And then there were three!!

Logan David Ehler is here! He was born on December 28,2011 at 9:54, at 6lb 8oz, 19 inches long. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect little boy! He came three weeks early, due to Catherine having really high blood pressure. Two weeks before Logan arrived, Catherine's blood pressure was really high at the doctors office. So she sent us over to labor and delivery to have it checked out. Well of course when we got there, it was already down, so after a few hours, and some lab work they sent us home. The next week appointment, same thing happened so they sent us back over to labor and delivery. I bet you can guess what happened, it went down. My doctor wanted to see me three days later (which ended up being Logan's birthday) We made the appointment for 9:30 in the morning. She also wanted me to get a blood pressure cuff and take over the Christmas break. Well I forgot the first two day, with it being Christmas eve and day in all. The 26th it went high, but then went back down. on the 27th I woke up and before I got out of bed it was already 144 over 90. So of course I called the doctors office like they said to if it got over 140 over 90. Well Tuesday my doctor isn't in the office, so directed me to the payson office, where the on call doctor was. well after telling a million people why I was calling (I HATE those stupid new doctor office things where you have to talk to 50 people before you get the one person you want to call) I finally got some girl, she asked what was wrong so I told her, my blood pressure was high, blah blah blah... well she didn't ask me how high it was. All she said was, well your doctor isn't in today (which I had already told here I knew) and that she would put in a "urgent" message for her to call me back in the morning. I was pretty upset (since I was told to call if it got that high) and told her I had an appointment first thing in the morning, so that wouldn't do much good. Her reply was, well I'll put it in and if the on call doctor's nurse thinks its important that you will hear back from her today. That really made me mad, but there wasn't much more I could do. So later that day mom and I had all these plans, but we opted out of those and went and rented a red box movie. We lounged around all day, and I worked on trying to finish Logan's blanket. I periodically would take my blood pressure and write it down. About four O'clock I noticed it going back up. By 5:50 is was up to 175 over 105. We decided to call the doctor back, even though we thought the office was closed. Turns out on Tuesday there is another on call doctor, that works a night clinic. This time they actually asked me how high it was, and I let them know all about my call in the morning. They frantically tried to get a hold of my doctor, and the doctor that I should have talked to in the morning, but they had no luck, so the "night" doctor told me that I needed to go to the hospital right away. Dane was off at six, so as soon as he walked in the door we left. We were kind of relieved when it was still high when we got there (that way we really didn't seem crazy). They drew blood for labs and put me on the monitor. Then in walked my doctor, she had been down stairs doing a c-section. She said that they were going to put my on a 24 hour watch for sure. But if my labs came back bad then they would induce me. We were really surprised, but really wanting that to happen! The labs came back and the preeclampsia

Sunday, December 4, 2011

34 weeks

I am such a bad blogger. We are getting ready for Logan to get here! We only have a few more things to get, and we will be set! This week has been very eventful. This week dane went to minneapolis to interview at Target corp. He flew out on thursday right after work, and came home saturday and went straight to work until ten at night. I think he finally got home close to eleven! This next week he is going to milwaukee to interview at Khols corp. We are so grateful that he has had these opportunities. The next few months could be interesting for our little family. For now we are living at my parents until we kinda figure out what we are doing, and while we wait for our little one to come! We are so excited to be parents, and hope that we will be half as good as both of our parents were to us! I have been feeling really well! So glad that the morning sickness didn't stay. This weekend I have been a busy little homemaker. I started saturday off with cooking some homemade blueberry pancakes. Then I decided to make dane some dinner. So I made some BBQ chicken, onion and garlic mix all on a homemade braided bread. Then I decided to make some rolls. Then I made some cheesecake cookie bars. I also had made gingerbread cookies, and decorated them that morning. Sunday we woke up and I made some blueberry muffins. Then I decided to make tortilla soup, and homemade bread bowls. Then I got the wonderful Idea to make cheesy broccoli soup too! After that was all cleaned up some people wanted chocolate chip cookies, so being the nice sister that I am I made them. But then I remembered the awesome chocolate bowls that I saw on my new addiction, pintrest. So I dipped the balloons, froze the chocolate pilled the balloons off and scoped some ice cream into them and put a cookie on top. Then did more dishes and now I think I have kicked my urge to cook. I really need to get off Pintrest, Its really bad for me I have decided. So we will see what happens this week with the jobs, and interviews. We are just grateful for all the people in our lives, and all the blessings that we have!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The end of the summer

The summer is almost over. Danes internship ends in one week. We have not heard anything about a job yet, the HR people at Lands End sure know how to take their time. So we are planning on returning to Springville for a bit. We have had some good experiences out here. We are so grateful for the church, the gospel is the same everywhere. Although sadly to say the members are not the same everywhere. We love the small branch out here. Many people don't have family around, so they make each other their family. We have felt so much love and friendship from them. We have been truly blessed to get to know many of them.   I have been spending a lot of my time with one of my new friends Michelle. She tends three girls in the branch, so I have got to know them as well. We have enjoyed going swimming, going on picnics, painting toe nails and many more fun things. I have loved the company, while Dane is at work. A small (I said small) part of me is kinda sad to leave, I think i'm going to miss the siren that goes off at noon everyday. I still pause and wait to see if the pitch goes up for a tornado. We are excited to find out in 12 days the gender of the baby is! It's killing me having to be this patient! But we are almost there! I have been so antsy trying to wait to buy things! I'm going to have to restrain myself from going on a huge shopping spree when we do find out. We are so excited and grateful to be parents, nervous as well though!  We have felt the love that the lord has for us a lot in the past few months. We are also very blessed to have so many people that love us, and care about us. Being in wisconsin was a very hard thing for me, and I discovered that I can do hard things when I have the lords help!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Well after many months of just living life, with really no change... We now have change! Dane got offered an internship for Lands End Clothing Company, in the Global Sourcing division (at least thats what I think it's called). The only bad part is that it is 1,300 miles away from home. We are going to be moving to a small town called dodgeville, with 4,000 people. Oh WAIT no, there is now 4,002 People living there! Haha. We are both excited, and a little nervous. I'm really nervous! I haven't been away from my family for more than three weeks in my entire life I don't think. It is going to be a fun new adventure in our lives. The good news is that we will be just a few short hours from a lot of fun different places. Including only 45 minutes from the worlds waterpark capitol, not sure the name though. Dane and I arrived in Dodgeville this last tuesday evening after spending one night in Iowa, and 23 hours in a uhaul, pulling the little truck. That was a long road trip. tuesday night after we unloaded all of our belongings into a storage unit ( in 90 degree weather and who knows the humidity, it was HOT) we decided to check into our cute, little, convenient, VERY best western. The next day was spent running around, taking the little truck to a mechanic to get the altenator replace, Renting the only rental car in the city of dodgeville, looking at three paces to live, seeing the lands end campus, signing our storage unit agreements,  eating lunch and stopping for some icecream. We then made our way to Madison to fly home. our flight was delayed, and we thought we would have to spent the night in denver. but to our surprise it was a blizzard in denver and all the planes were delayed. So we finally made it home at four in the morning. We were so tired. Thats about all from our adventures to dodgeville. This next week we finally leave to the Cayman Islands with my family! We are so excited! Well thats all I have to say for now!