Friday, February 24, 2012


Well we made it to Arkansas! Dane started his new job at Walmart, working in product development! He likes it so far. Everything is very new with the department, so he is excited to start the real work and not be in meetings. I am at home right now, I will probably start looking for a part time job soon. Did I mention we bought a house! or at least we are in the process of buying a hose! But we moved in! It was finished last October, so it is brand new! There is three bedrooms, and two baths. We have a cute deck off of the kitchen, and a great size back yard! The neighborhood is very nice, and clean. There are a few members within walking distance. We have met a few new people, One couple invited us over to dinner last sunday. They are a fun little family. We hope to meet a lot more people soon! But so far we like it here. Logan is doing great, he is so sweet. But boy do you know when he wants his bottle or attention! He is a great baby though, and has done wonderfully to let me unpack the house! Ill post pictures soon!